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The acceleration of digital and data in OOH makes technology one of our key pillars. Our proprietary AdTech platforms help us plan, build and deliver faster, smarter, optimised OOH.

If we’ve learnt anything about outdoor advertising over the last few years, it’s that anything from briefs, audiences and environments can suddenly change.

Therefore, we developed our own technology platforms specifically designed to help our clients get the most from their outdoor campaigns.

  • Atlas Logo Rgb

    Programmatic OOH

    Atlas is our intelligent automated digital OOH buying platform which redefines the OOH programmatic landscape. Atlas enables our clients to optimise every campaign against multiple factors including price, location, goal or time.


  • Plato Logo

    Automated Trading for OOH

    Plato is our real-time, automated OOH trading platform, providing a user-friendly, campaign planning & delivery system. With Plato, you can explore, plan, check availability, reserve and trade paper and digital OOH inventory.


  • Ada Logo

    Data Management for OOH

    Ada is our OOH data management platform which uses billions of device-level audience data points to create insights based on how people behave. These insights enable our clients to effectively reach and engage their audiences on the go.