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Talon has developed proprietary technology platforms that allow internal users and external customers to engage seamlessly with OOH to deliver meaningful outcomes. 

Through these platforms, Talon is simplifying a fragmented and complex medium by bridging the gap between advertisers’ demands and existing capability in the OOH marketplace.

Atlas is an intelligent automated digital OOH buying platform which redefines the OOH programmatic landscape. The platform combines the benefits of data-led planning and flexible creative distribution to appeal to advertisers who are familiar with an audience-first approach to planning. Atlas can optimise every campaign against multiple factors including price, location, goal or time. Offering greater flexibility, efficiency, transparency and effective campaigns as standard. 

Ada, an OOH data management platform, manages and activates billions of device-level audience data points to create new insights about how people behave and how to effectively reach and engage them whilst on-the-go. Advertisers can use Ada to activate their own customer data or create custom audience segments relevant to their campaigns. The platform enables more data driven audience targeting and campaign measurement than has been possible up to now. 

Plato is an automated trading platform, which aggregates all OOH inventory into a single, intuitive campaign planning and delivery system. It allows users to explore, plan, check availability, reserve and trade paper & digital inventory across multiple markets.