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Intelligent Automated Digital OOH Buying

Atlas is the automated solution for any advertiser looking to seamlessly extend their online strategies and launch intelligent and effective digital Out of Home campaigns. It provides the ideal combination of Talon’s market leading tech and our expert knowledge, experience, scale and planning capability.

Atlas automates many of the traditional tasks into a single platform so advertisers and agencies can plan and activate campaigns intelligently all from within one platform.

  • Real Time

    Real time availability and direct media owner booking

  • Targeting Small

    Data driven targeting and measurement to deliver better outcomes

  • Creative

    Creative upload, approval, scheduling and reporting

  • Service

    Dedicated managed service from our team of OOH experts

What It Does

Atlas connects advertisers and agencies directly to Media owners, thereby removing much of the complexity associated with on-line programmatic platforms, making all planning and buying transactions completely transparent.

Featuring intelligent audience targeting and campaign measurement technology, Atlas was built around the proven specialist OOH planning strategies and to deliver what advertisers really want to achieve from DOOH.

  • Quality

    Quality, control and value

  • Platforms

    Holistic view of DOOH within one platform

  • Targeting Large

    Effective OOH audience targeting

  • Transparency

    Transparency and limited intermediaries

  • Outcomes

    Accountability and measurable outcomes


How It Delivers

Atlas’s broad base of premium inventory is made available to planners in a simple and intuitive user interface that will be familiar to on-line digital and programmatic buying teams. Users can choose to transact via self-serve accounts or take advantage of the expert managed service.

  • Brand

  • Media agency

  • Atlas
  • Media owner

    Media Owner

Why Use It

The platform has been designed to be fully transparent and accountable, with advertisers only paying for those impressions which have been confirmed by Atlas and played on screen. a having been delivered in line with the original schedule.

By combining intelligent technology, unique features and our market- leading expertise, rooted in behavioural planning and audience targeting, Atlas represents the future of Out of Home planning and buying.

  • Online Offline

    Online to offline audience targeting

  • Time

    Hour by hour campaign buys

  • Devices Vw@2X
  • 24 Hour

    24 hour activation

  • Messaging

    Flexible creative messaging

  • Trade

    CPM based trading

  • Measurement

    Attribution and measurement solutions

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