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Talon is the world’s most awarded agency for OOH creativity and effectiveness over the last decade.

A leading independent full service Out of Home (OOH) media specialist and technology services company purpose-built to deliver smart, strategic, data-driven integrated OOH communications.

Headquartered in New York City and with offices throughout North America, our diverse, experienced, and passionate team embodies our commitment to client service excellence and creating award-winning work.
We pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their business goals with a strategy-led approach.

Together, we uncover new insights, challenge current thinking, advocate for innovation and creativity, pursue cross-channel solutions, and most importantly, deliver quantifiable outcomes.

‘People first’ has always been at the heart of Talon since our inception and it continues to empower us to attract, develop, and retain the best talent in the industry. With our global agency scale and independence, we operate with transparency, agility, and flexibility to deliver best in class service. With our global agency scale and independence, we operate with transparency, agility, and flexibility to deliver best in class service.


"We’ve positioned Talon for accelerated U.S. market growth through our global agency scale, bold technology investments, and commitment to partnering with brands and agencies to help them drive growth. Specifically, we’re leveraging new forms of audience data to sharpen targeting and to enable accurate outcome-based measurement and cross-platform execution. Thus, we are able to prove the true value of OOH to reach, measure, and optimize the customer journey and bring campaigns to life."

Jim Wilson, CEO, Talon America







Delivering Unmissable Brand Messages to Audiences at Scale

Today’s marketers are striving to invest smarter and to do more with less—and they need to address evolving consumer needs with campaigns that stand out and deliver business impact.

This is the sweet spot of OOH—to not only deliver unmissable brand messages to audiences at scale but with the precision to create meaningful connections with the right audiences, at the right time.

OOH is no longer a secondary channel as we can now measure and quantify the true impact throughout the customer journey. Since the only content that surrounds OOH is the location and the context of people's real lives, it’s also the most brand-safe, cost-effective, and impactful medium.

And with ever-changing circumstances, brands can quickly shift OOH spend across specific locations and it can be tied seamlessly with Connected TV (CTV), digital, mobile, and social channels using channel-agnostic datasets to optimize targeting.



OOH is a powerful brand and awareness building marketing channel. It delivers unmissable, creative messages for advertisers to engage audiences throughout their daily journeys at scale.

So why is OOH so important now more than ever?



At Talon America, everything we do revolves around our ‘Smarter as Standard’ philosophy. This framework enables us to embrace technology to bring campaigns to life and achieve real business results.

  • Strategic Media Planning

  • Data-driven targeting & insights

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  • media buying & execution

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  • Dynamic creative & production

  • Outcome-based measurement



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