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Intelligent, Data-Driven, Audience Targeting and Measurement Platform

Ada is Talon’s Data Management Platform (DMP), providing a simple way to deliver intelligent audience insights and is built by industry experts and underpinned with market-leading specialist knowledge.

By understanding bespoke audience segments, Ada provides insights based on real and recent consumer behaviours.

Why Use Ada?

Ada effectiveness benchmarks, produced independently by OnDevice Research, have recently been released in order to assess the impact of using the system to help inform planning and buying optimisations. The study was undertaken across a variety of categories from 40 different campaigns and the results showed increases in all main KPI’s.

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    AD RECALL - 1.7% uplift in ad recall against the 1.3% OOH norm.

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    BRAND CONSIDERATION - Consideration is notoriously difficult to shift but Ada shifted this KPI by an average of 5.8%, compared to a 3.8% OOH norm, representing a +53% improvement.

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    Purchase Intent - 1.6% average lift in purchase intent, eight times greater than OOH norms (0.2%). Ada optimised OOH campaigns were also better at shifting purchase intent than social media channels.

Who can use Ada?

The one-to-many nature of OOH advertising means that Ada will only activate audience data in an aggregated fashion.

Ada can be used by advertisers to optimise their OOH campaigns to drive core KPIs or by businesses who wish to understand their audiences in more detail.

Additional Ada Functions





How it Works

Combining data sets of mobile location data, points of interest, OOH inventory and Route’s OOH cone of visibility, the platform can report on audience movements on a weekly basis thus, ensuring that changes in behaviour are identified.

The mobile location data used for audience identification and OOH activation is collected with direct consent from the user when a mobile app is downloaded on the device. For the use case of OOH, background location data sourced via SDKs is of high importance to identify OOH panel exposure, point of interest visitation and journey behaviour thus enabling the creation of a holistic view of movements and journeys taken by consumers.

As a propriety platform, Talon have built numerous data science models to understand audience behaviours using mobile location data we can build bespoke audience segments.

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    5M MONTHLY USERS generating 1bn location events per month

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    12 MONTHS WORTH OF LOCATION DATA to look back at specific time frames and events

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    850K POINTS OF INTEREST via a comprehensive database

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    Information about the 450K OOH PANELS which exist across the UK