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Artists Murals


1. Objectives

  • To craft an outdoor masterpiece that would inspire the artists to share our content, whilst disrupting the discriminating audience on the ground. 

2. Strategy

  • Rolling out a series of stunning hand painted murals would certainly cover the fame requirement. It morphs advertising and artistry to create something truly unique in locations that we couldn’t reach with billboards. However, we needed to go a step further to secure artist pickup. 
  • Each artist had bespoke creative designed by Global Street Art (our hand painted advertising partner) specifically for the four mural locations. 
  • We chose locations that were special for each of the artists to ensure the wall resonated on a personal level.
Ytm Anne Marie Mural 2

3. Execution

  • Leveraging the long dark winter evenings, we decided to use projection mapping to apply a digital layer to one special mural after sunset. 
  • Each of the artists were invited to attend the final day of painting and finish the mural with their own signature. 
  • With the help of Projection Artworks, we applied a stunning digital layer to the mural by night using projection mapping.
You Tube Music Unveils First Of Its Kind Mural In Liverpool To Celebrate

4. Results

  • The campaign ignited social media and drove engagement and interaction at real scale.
  • Anne-Marie, The 1975 and George Ezra all came to their sites and signed their own murals. Sharing images of them with their murals on their own social channels totalling over 9 million followers - maximised the reach and impact of the campaign significantly. 
  • And the campaign made the Manchester Evening News, including multiple images of the mural.

George Ezra Mural

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