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Smarter as Standard


1. Objective

  • Show how UKTV Play offered something for everyone and to acknowledge the different ways people watch video on demand

2. Strategy

  • To establish UKTV play, we used live data feeds contextually in commuter and high-dwell environments to land our messages when most relevant. 
  • The creative positioning was ‘Love Your Thing’ – supporting that UKTV Play has something for everyone. 

3. Execution

  • Real-time data and locational environments determined the creative used at any one time. It included: 
    • Location specific messaging on the London Underground and National Rail network
    • On roadside locations traffic data would determine the ad played 
    • Weather and time of day would play a part in messaging in Rail, High Street and Underground environments 
    • In mall and retail environments the creative used would promote period dramas, playing on the costume element 
  • Additionally, data was supplemented by overnight BARB figures and social media trends to promote the most popular programming.

4. Results

  • We saw the app’s best ever results in terms of a huge +86% increase of downloads and +49% views. 
  • The contextual DOOH ads were 2x more appealing than non-contextual versions. 
  • DOOH delivered 20% improved campaign efficacy. 
  • Full year results achieved, smashing brand targets by 44% and 5% respectively.

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