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A Dog's Best Friend

Brand Building

1. Objective

  • To launch the new first-of-its-kind online dog-walking service, Tailster
  • Drive brand awareness to increase sign-ups for the service with the goal to achieve further venture capitalist investment for the start-up

2. Strategy

  • As the target audience were dog owners who work full time, we mapped highlypopulated areas where there are green parks and spaces in proximity using Census Data.
  • We also targeted the key working audiences at rail and tube stations.
  • We then used Route Data to select the over indexing panels for our selected target audience.
  • Using our planning tools we placed prominence on formats that delivered high on dwell time so we could really push the brand message.

3. Execution

  • The campaign featured predominantly in the London Underground across multiple formats delivering cover, brand standout and call to action for commuters.
  • LU TCP’s engaged the audience with a 13-minute dwell time – driving brand understanding.
  • We up-weighted key stations, targeted parks and local high-streets further with promotional staff handing out leaflets, dogs in hand.
  • Glasgow and Edinburgh were used as test cities, where a small number of digital screens were used to build fame.

4. Results

  • Tailster’s Google search index increased by +63%, making the brand the most searched in its competitive set.
  • Online visits during the OOH campaign period more than doubled in London (+118%), with a +52% increase in Scotland.
  • The volume of unique visits increased by +11% in London and +64% in Scotland.
  • Tailster overcame its closest competitor Holidog by 12,555 online visits in London and 682 visits in Scotland.
  • +63%

    Google search index

  • +118%

    Online visits in London

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