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Blonde Espresso Roast

Brand Building

1. Objectives

To launch Starbucks new Blonde Espresso Roast and deliver a data-driven OOH ad campaign, targeting and converting coffee drinkers across the UK. 

2. Strategy

  • Ada was used to build a custom behavioural audience through mobile location data over a 6 month period. 
  • The 'Coffee House Hopper' audience was identified as people who frequently visit high street coffee houses but are not loyal to any particular one. 
Starbucks Generic

3. Execution

  • The best performing Large Format Digital inventory was selected to be part of the OOH media buy. 
  • All data in Ada is timestamped, allowing insight around time of day and day of week to be integrated into the planning.
  • The campaign was then measured against brand metrics to determine the effectiveness of OOH and Ada on a 'Coffee House Hopper' audience.
Starbucks 110219 Mancunian Junction 1002

4. Results

  • The Ada campaign informed consumers of the new blonde roast. After being exposed, +45% said they were likely to try the new roast. Among niche Starbucks audiences this increased even further. 
  • As a result of exposure to the OOH campaign 25% of consumers made an incremental visit to Starbucks. 
  • 57% of those exposed to the campaign took some kind of action. Rising to 8 in 10 among specific roast choosers. The majority of consumers talked about the campaign or recommended it to others. 
  • + 45 %

    likely to try new roast

  • 25 %

    visited a Starbucks

  • 57 %

    took some kind of action

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