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Multiple Formats

1. Objective

To embed Spotify “into the natural rhythm of people’s lives”

2. Strategy

  • Our strategy had to be strong as OOH was the sole broadcast medium and reach driver for this campaign.
  • The campaign had to dominate on a variety of formats and environments for the striking creative and humorous copy to truly stand out.
  • The first wave celebrated the Spotify’s usergenerated playlists, bringing humour to the campaign.

  • Using their own data, Spotify curated a mix of headlines to best relate to the actual activities and playlists of UK users.

  • The second wave celebrated 2016, with “Thanks 2016, it’s been weird”, again focusing on Spotify-curated and usercurated playlists

3. Execution

  • With over 200 Underground platforms equipped with Wi-Fi, and connected commuters traveling via all modes of transport, the blend of OOH formats used tapped into moments when people were listening to music.
  • Key DOOH formats launched the campaign, in addition to 6-sheets and banner formats in key cities.
  • Underground 16-sheets, Showcase Squares and wrapped Routemaster Buses maintained recency throughout the campaign period.
  • We owned the morning commute through 10-weeks of premium Digital OOH formats across Roadside, Rail and Underground.
  • The copy was changed weekly to keep messaging fresh and relevant.

4. Results

  • People exposed to the campaign 6+ times used Spotify +76% more frequently and for +19 mins longer than other users
  • 15% of exposed individuals became new Spotify users, and showed higher levels of activity in terms of frequency and usage duration.
  • Spotify’s brand affinity was improved in a competitive environment
  • People recalling the OOH creative were +40% more positive towards the brand
  • + 19

    mins longer listening

  • + 15 %

    new users

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