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Spiderman: Far From Home

1. Objective

  • To promote the latest Spiderman film, we teamed up with Sony Pictures & TFL to disrupt the daily lives of Londoners.
  • We chose to dominate Oxford Circus Station, the entrance to the busiest street in Europe, using a traditional OOH takeover with an experiential twist to really bring the campaign to life.

2. Strategy

  • To achieve the level of disruption that the brand was looking for, we dominated Oxford Circus Station – one of London’s busiest Underground stations.
  • With around 81.4m journeys made every year through the Underground station, the location was perfect. From tourists to shoppers and commuters, we wanted to mark their journey with eye catching OOH.
  • The busiest corridors within the station were dominated with poster creatives for the film. We were even able to adapt the station’s roundel with vinyl spiderwebs, overcoming TFL's trademark restrictions.
Spider Man Ffh Oxford Circus 3

3. Execution

  • Throughout the day, two stunt actors dressed as Spiderman walked around the station interacting with commuters and providing a photo opportunity. 
  • Spiderman also interacted with various media formats, including Oxford Circus Five Ways and the Metro newspaper. Both of which featured Spiderman: Far From Home.  
  • As well as this, the real Spiderman Tom Holland, recorded tannoy announcements which ran over the course of 3 days. Several adaptations of the tannoy announcements at Oxford Circus ran over the course of the weekend, warning people to mind the gap and carry water bottles. 
  • Sony Pictures also teamed up with Amazon Treasure Truck UK and Papa John’s Pizza to increase the awareness and visibility of the film, with OOH integrating seamlessly with other channels at stations - London Victoria, London Waterloo & King's Cross.
Thumbnail 3

4. Results

  • The movie opened to a fantastic £14.1m Box Office opening and has gone on to gross £37m+ making it the highest grossing Spider-Man movie of all time.
  • The Box Office in London earned an extra £2m in Box Office revenue and an additional 2% growth vs the rest of the country.
  • Over 26m Total Impressions online and just over 18,000 total Clicks.
  • 710 K

    People were stopped through the station

  • 72 %

    box office admissions from our target audience

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