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Design Collective

Tech and data

1. Objective

  • The campaign was Specsavers’ first behavioural targeting approach through Ada. It was designed to support the launch of the new 'Design Collective' product launch in July 2019. The collection was a collaboration between Specsavers and new up-and-coming designers. Specsavers wanted to show that they could appeal to a  new fashion forward audience. 
  • The campaign’s main objectives were to increase awareness of the Design Collective launch and encourage new, trendy customers to the store to purchase. 
  • The Design Collective campaign was part of Specsavers' digital long term holding and was considered one of their key campaigns in 2019. 

2. Strategy & Execution

  • Ada’s behavioural targeting was key to the planning strategy of the campaign. The campaign was optimised towards a trendy audience to fit with the client’s target consumer profile.
  • To reach this new audience, Ada was used to optimise the Roadside D48s, Roadside D6s and the Rail D6s for the campaign. To build the Ada audience, we identified people who had been seen in Travel Supermarkets “Hip Hangout Guide” areas. These were defined as vintage stores, vinyl record shops, vegan & vegetarian cafés, independent coffee shops and art galleries.
  • Ada identified people who were commonly seen in these areas, and then determined where they frequently journeyed. Allowing us to select the best performing frames to reach this trendy audience and swap them into the media buy. 
Speccy Savers

3. Results

Footfall Measurement: 

  • We tracked footfall pre, during and post the campaign, to Specsavers stores and Boots Opticians stores across the country. Ada Measure looked at 3 key footfall metrics: number of visits to store, number of unique visitors to store and frequency of visits to store. When we looked at Specsavers footfall, we saw the following results:

77% Increase in unique visitors to Specsavers stores vs the Pre period

9% Decrease in frequency visit

  • When these results are looked at collectively, we saw that Specsavers was successful in gaining new and incremental visitors that were not visiting Specsavers in the pre period.

Performance of campaign by TV Region:

  • As this was a national campaign, we looked at how different TV regions performed. Scotland, North West and North East saw a considerable increase in both visits and/or visitors to store.

Exposure to the campaign:

  • To review whether Ada was successful at reaching the target behavioural audience, Ada’s exposure model identified people who had been exposed to the OOH campaign and then made a visit to store.

The high percentage of visitors exposed to the OOH campaign shows that Ada was able to reach Specsavers niche new target audience.

  • + 52 %

    Visits in North West during the campaign.

  • 60 %

    of store visitors exposed to the campaign.

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