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Tech and data

1. Objective

Drive appointment growth for Specsavers

2. Strategy

  • Performance digital is indispensable when it comes to driving appointment bookings for Specsavers.
  • Performance bookings dropped immediately after the lockdown was announced.
  • By June 2021, our target audience of over 60's were partially if not fully vaccinated. Specsavers were pinning their hopes on the economy re-opening but core performance channels did not mirror the country's general optimism, and bookings driven by performance were down.
  • We needed to revolutionise our planning and drive appointment volume growth for Specsavers.

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3. Execution

• We executed a dynamic creative based on a live appointment feed for the closest Specsavers Store. To optimise the budget, the campaign was bought programmatically. Targeting included:

  • Optimised towards key movement times for our target audience (e.g. when they are more likely to do their grocery shop)
  • Time targeting mapped to Specsavers stores opening hours for each store.
  • Age, defined through AI Facial Recognition.
  • Geotargeting with proximity to Specsavers stores.
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4. Results

  • Our post-campaign analysis demonstrated strong results overall.
  • 65 %

    Spontaneous Awareness

  • 40 %

    Propensity to purchase

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