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Brand Building

1. Objective

  • Specsavers’s ad spend was dominated by TV, driving their ‘Should Have Gone to Specsavers’ slogan, while other channels were used to communicate individual offers and to keep the brand front of mind. 
  • TV proved effective at driving the fame of the brand via ‘SHGTS’ – but it was becoming clear that the strength of this strategy was hindering the cut-through of offer messages.

2. Strategy and Execution

  • Introducing long-term holdings
    • Equal store coverage – 1,400 geotargeted 48s
    • To combat diminishing offer cut-through
    • High and continuous levels of awareness
  • Going local to drive footfall into store
    • 2,000 individual campaigns per year across a diverse range of formats addressing a much wider range of local business challenges than ever before
  • Adding rigour
    • Each store was mapped and analysed with Route data to ensure that each site was they very best quality, rather than the closest
    • This optimisation delivered huge efficiencies – we used fewer OOH sites but with greater visibility
  • Going digital
    • The savings from optimisation allowed us to expand the role for OOH even further, using digital OOH to build the brand by publicising ‘SHGTS’ moments
    • For example– the infamous Suarez biting incident was transformed into a SHGTS moment

3. Results

  • 20% of glasses wearers remember seeing a Specsavers OOH ad on any given week of the year. 
  • OOH has helped sales grow to their highest levels ever, with no change in overall media spend. 
  • OOH has delivered a strong ROI – with it increasing threefold since the change in strategy.

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