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1. Objectives

  • To make the film feel bigger and bolder than previous Marvel releases to move the needed on awareness and at scale. 

2. Strategy

  • Bring Venom to life for 16-34 year old cinema-goers, whilst focusing on London as this accounted for 23% of admissions. 
  • Using Talon Benchmarks to create an aggregated impact of OOH formats against specific KPIs and identified that certain formats, including large digital formats, shopping and transport environments were particularly effective at driving awareness for this audience. 
  • We developed special builds that would capture interest and reinforce our "Dominate with Darkness" theme through bold use of OOH with two creative approaches. 
Ldn 2409 Cs Venom 4

3. Execution

  • Eddy Brock’s transformation into Venom was the first focus for all our creative ideas for the release. Production techniques brought this infectious concept to life throughout London. The Oxford Circus Digiwall (including new LU Digital 12 Sheets) allowed Venom’s character to physically infect the environment around him. 
  • Using full motion capabilities, we let Venom escape from the trailer into Oxford Circus Tube. Venom took over the environment around him by infiltrating the famous TfL roundel and the walkway with high impact vinyls. 
  • We also needed scale and frequency above ground; bus formats (a combination of T-sides and Mega T-sides) allowed us to dominate with darkness.      
  • Using fantastic Bus T-Side lenticulars, Londoners had to double-take the advertising as normal Eddy Brock transformed into Venom before their eyes. 
Photo 2018 09 19 13 12 16

4. Results

  • The opening weekend figure of £8m was almost double the two films it opened against - Johnny English Strikes Again and A Star Is Born.
  • Second highest 15 certificate release after Deadpool. 
  • +5% lift in awareness with OOH and TV working together.
  • + 5 %


  • £ 8 m

    opening weekend

  • £ 20 m


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