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Sending Love


1. Objective

With the onset of COVID-19, flights were grounded, travel restrictions in place and lockdowns implemented.

That got us thinking. What if we could send love around the world to places we couldn’t get to physically, using the best billboards on the planet?

2. Strategy

  • We developed a creative concept that brought unity in the global community's fight against the effects of COVID-19, sending love to places we could no longer visit.
  • A truly international concept, we collaborated with WOO, member OOH associations and 74 media owners worldwide.
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3. Technology

  • Our smart AdTech responsively adapted submissions to create artwork to correct specifications for each country, city, screen, language and local environment.
  • Once approved, we immediately distributed the user-generated creative and sent all users an image of their billboard for them to share further using social networks.
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4. Execution

  • We went live in 178 cities, covering 38 countries with 74 different media owners, using thousands of unique pieces of user-generated content.
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  • Gramps is a German senior citizen, made famous by his 22-year old grandson Jannick, who has been documenting his grandfather’s evolving streetwear style.
  • Saddened by events around the world, the duo wanted to share their own symbol of love and remind people to be respectful to one another, stay safe and spread love.
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Two Brothers

  • Brothers John and Stephen Skelton - born and raised in Dunston, Gateshead – used digital billboards in Newcastle and Perth to send each other the biggest message of Love during Lockdown.
  • Stephen: “We talk every other day on the phone but I wanted to do something really special to say I’m constantly thinking of them and how they are coping as a family in these difficult times – and it doesn’t get more special than a huge billboard!”
  • John: "It was such a great surprise to see Stephen on a billboard in Perth. He explained how he achieved it and we decided to send our own love back with a billboard of our own in Newcastle. It really is amazing and has put a huge smile on our faces!”
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5. Results

  • Over a 4- week period, over 1000 people sent their love to a huge global audience.
  • The campaign received 211,193,220 OOH impacts.
  • The campaign generated a media value of USD $15m.

That's a whole lotta love!

  • 40 +

    Articles and content pieces have been written

  • 200 M +

    The amount of global OOH impressions

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