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Friends and Family

Brand Building

1. Objectives

  • Increase Qantas' brand preference by showing Brits why Qantas should be their airline of choice when they visit Australia to see their friends and family. 
  • Increase Qantas bookings to Australia.

2. Strategy

  • On this particular campaign the clients had specified the need to have formats that drove high emotional engagement as they were planning to have long form copy make up the bulk of the OOH creative, so needed our site selection to be in the best environment for people to interact with the full message. 

3. Execution

  • We therefore out Underground TCPs as the perfect format to deliver emotional messaging, one-to-one in a high dwell time area.

4. Results

  • The OOH campaign drove ad awareness which ultimately provoked perception shifts. 
  • Ad awareness increased +30% post campaign
  • Strong metric shifts amongst the friends and family audience 
  • Brand trust +11pp to all audience score
  • 16% booked a flight with Qantas
  • 32% visited the website
  • 27% talked to someone about Qantas
  • 16 %

    booked a flight with Qantas

  • 32 %

    visited the website

  • 27 %

    talked to someone about Qantas

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