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1. Objective

  • To raise brand awareness and receive PR during the solar eclipse in a contextually relevant way.

2. Strategy

  • We wanted Oreo to position their brand in a playful and creative manner but with an added layer of intelligence.
  • We placed the brand at the centre of a moment where the whole country was talking and looking in the same direction.

3. Execution

  • As the astronomical event was predicted to be obscured by clouds, we used Oreos to re-create the eclipse across the country in real-time on digital screens.
  • Royal Astronomical Society data enabled us to mirror exact timings and trajectory of the eclipse – no matter where in the UK.
  • The best digital OOH sites in London and Edinburgh were used to best capture the synchronised creative.
  • The full cycle of the Oreo Eclipse was captured on time lapse video and then edited into a 10 second film and distributed across social media.
  • A simple hashtag #OreoEclipse encouraged further sharing.
  • The campaign was further supported by the first-ever translucent cover wrap of the UK’s biggest selling newspaper The Sun.

4. Results

  • Year on year sales for the month following the communication rose significantly.
  • This made March 2015 Oreo’s biggest ever sales month.
  • The campaign was supported by the first ever translucent cover wrap of the UK’s biggest selling newspaper The Sun.
  • The viral effect of the OOH activity alone generated more than 6,000 tweets from approximately 40 different countries.
  • Oreo Eclipse video was viewed more than 20 million times and counting in the UK.

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