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Award winning

1. Objective

MyHome required a flexible and dynamic medium to facilitate the communication of property sales in Waterford. Our role was to deliver an OOH strategy to complement MyHome’s current local radio activity, targeting ‘likely buyers’ with a strong content execution.

2. Strategy

  • We built our strategy on two key pillars – ‘The Power of proximity’ and ‘Inescapable dynamic’.
  • The Power of Proximity: To target ‘likely buyers’ we designed a flexible OOH campaign that activated in close proximity to properties for sale in Waterford.
  • ‘Inescapable Dynamic’: Conscious that we were targeting an audience who had already mapped out their journey to purchase, we needed to bolster our communications with context. Working alongside agency Bloom Advertising, we created a template that would facilitate fast and efficient creative changes as property availability status changed.
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3. Execution

  • Using our mapping system that is powered with 100% of OOH inventory, we were able to plot MyHome properties in Waterford and optimise our buying based on precision and proximity. DOOH screens (Digitower, Mall dpods, Super D and Digihubs) at key environments we had outlined for our audience were selectively bought to create awareness within a 2km radius from the sales opportunity.
  • On the day our campaign went live, we activated 10 different creatives relating to different sales opportunities in close proximity to that particular OOH site.
  • Using MyHome sales data, as availability status changed, so did our brand communications.
  • What we created was not just an OOH advertising campaign, it was a physical sales catalogue with real-time availability status.

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4. Results

  • Over the 2-week campaign, 6 design changes were executed relating to 6 sold properties - 60% conversion rate.
  • 65% of our impressions were served to either an Adult or Young Adult alluding to the fact that we had covered a high proportion of likely first-time buyers at an average age of 34.
  • Across our Adtower units, we bought 43,086 plays. 38,863 of these playouts were converted into impressions meaning our audience had taken a meaningful look at our creative.
  • 60 %

    Conversion R

  • 65 %


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