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Saver Menu

Brand Building

1. Objectives

To drive sustained awareness of the Saver Menu

2. Strategy

  • Using Ada to manage and activate billions of device-level audience data points alongside information about real world places and advertising, we created insights about how people travel and how to effectively reach and engage them whilst-on-the-go. 
  • McDonald's targeted light and infrequent visitors to its restaurants and used Ada to produce accurate predictions of how these people behave and how to best target them on their everyday journeys.
Mc Dsd Ada 2

3. Execution

  • A blend of 6 sheets and kiosks were used to drive cost effective reach nationally, with bursts being pulsed each month to ensure a sustained presence. 
  • Bursts were aligned with the payday moment in line with key sales spikes. 
  • Regional D6s were activated to ensure key city centre presence to defend against competitors value proposition with 25% of panels within a 500m proximity of McDonald's and key competitors.
Mcdonalds 260218 63804 Nr2 3 Tu 1

4. Results

  • This Ada optimised campaign saw a +50% increase in footfall 
  • Generated an additional +1,329,485 visitors
  • Resulting in 4.5x more incremental visitors
  • + 50 %


  • x 4.5


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