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Jameson Christmas


1. Objective

Establish Jameson as THE Christmas spirit.

2. Strategy

This Christmas is a special one, and we wanted to ensure that Jameson was at the forefront of this celebration through an engaging and disruptive display.

With its prominent city location, urban audience profile and roadside visibility, the Barge pub was the perfect location for our execution.

202125 Jameson Special The Barge Special 1 4 A

3. Execution

Working closely with media agency Spark Foundry, creative agency Nineyards and XL Media, the team devised a creative and festive themed Out of Home (OOH) installation.

We transformed the front of the well-known Barge Pub in Ranelagh into a Jameson Christmas tree.

The special 3D build was carefully crafted with over 400 Jameson bottles individually lit and pixel mapped with the latest LED technology to be able to deliver seasons greeting messages and to drive awareness of the popular Irish drink.

202125 Jameson Special The Barge Special 1 1 A

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