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Island's Edge



Create awareness around Heineken’s new stout brand, Island’s Edge.

2. Strategy

We knew that to drive awareness we needed striking creative and a standout idea.

With that, we built a nationwide dynamic campaign using handpicked digital OOH formats that were within a 200m radius of the closest pubs serving the new product.

Untitled Design 18

3. Execution

Once the sites were picked, we were able to direct passers-by to the nearest establishment serving the new drink. As the rollout continued more and more locations were being called out on the formats.

POS, retail, and large format roadside were used to amplify this campaign.

Untitled Design 17

4. Results

Taste is one of the top reasons for choosing a beer brand making the trial a key component of this campaign.

For Heineken Ireland’s new stout brand, Island’s Edge, the campaign focused on bringing awareness to the availability of the product and driving consideration and action.

The dynamic creative directs the audience to the closest trade account where they can trial the new stout offering.

  • 52 %

    Top recalled ad

  • 42 %

    Propensity to Purchase

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