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1. Objectives

To convey the quality of their products and highlight the new styles as they were coming to market, all whilst creating an easy path to purchase.

2. Strategy

  • Using insight from Talon Benchmarks for the aggregated impact of OOH formats against specific KPIs, we identified that certain formats were particularly effective at driving awareness and action objectives. 
  • Placing this learning at the heart of our strategy and planning process to identify the hardest working formats for our brief including driving contextual relevance and using the amazing weather conditions to further enhance performance.
Ffp2 In Link

3. Execution

  • To maximise reach and extend longevity, we secured a partnership with two selected media owners who were keen to support this start-up and wanted to test and understand the effectiveness of their new digital formats recently launched to the market. 
  • Delivered a national InLink campaign, using small format static panels to not only build coverage but generate high ad awareness and drive future purchase consideration.
  • Partnered with Large Format Digital Screens to further influence presence to a wider audience.
  • Created contextually relevant messaging, tailored to each specific city (Monday - Thursday) and then replacing this with day of the week creative tailored to the weekend (Friday - Sunday).  
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4. Results

  • +70% increase in website visits over the course of the campaign, with a +55% increase to unique site users.
  • Broken down by city, huge increases were seen in London (+98%), Brighton (+122%), Cardiff (+74%) and Leeds (+69%). 
  • On average a user was visiting the site 4.9 times across the course of the campaign. 
  • FreshForPandas received a +57% increase in transactions when OOH was used, whilst the cost per basket increased (+66%) when digital OOH was featured in the media mix. 
  • + 70 %

    website visits

  • + 57 %

    transactions when OOH used

  • 4.9 x

    average user visited site

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