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Elizabeth Arden


1. Objective

  • Reaching out to younger women aged 25-44.
  • Educating them on the benefits that PREVAGE City Smart Hydrating Shield can have in combating the effects of environmental factors - protecting against pollution, the sun and visible signs of ageing.

2. Strategy

  • We picked a central London location with naturally high levels of pollution, Oxford Circus tube station – which indexes highly with the target audience.

3. Execution

  • Using Grand Visual’s OpenLoop on LCD screens surrounded by a vinyl wrap we pulled live pollution data in the vicinity from London Air and displayed them in real-time. 
  • The creative featured a live pollution meter side-by-side with the PREVAGE creative conveying the benefits of the product. 
  • The relevant messaging alerted our urban female audience when pollution levels were high to emphasise the benefits of using PREVAGE City Smart Hydrating Shield. 

4. Results

  • Both of the Elizabeth Arden retail stockists saw significant increases in units sold during and after the campaign.
    • Boots saw a 19% weekly uplift in units sold the week the campaign launched.
    • House of Fraser’s uplift was even greater at +122% in the week of launch
  • The brand received a wealth of PR coverage and global success. 

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