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Gatwick North Terminal

Brand Building

1. Objectives

  • Promote easyJet's move to the North Terminal at Gatwick and the technology advances associated with the move.

2. Strategy

  • Our approach looked to use the variety of tools and data available to use to make the OOH campaign as efficient and effective as possible - tightly targeted towards the key easyJet hubs, with little wastage.
  • Generate a consistent presence for the brand, made up of the best possible panels within airport catchments to build brand trust and cut-through. 
Easy Jet 1

3. Execution

  • The classic broadcast OOH element quickly builds reach across key hubs, whilst the digital element builds on the foundations of the classic OOH, driving action through contextualised copy across each campaign – crucial to brand persona and always keeping consumers engaged.
  • The domination delivered a combination of highly visual, stand-out and relevant ads, reminding and reassuring passengers of those safe, good vale, point-to-point air services.
Easy Jet 2

4. Results

  • The power of this domination was effective in driving shifts in key brand metrics for both easyJet and Gatwick alike.
  • As a result of seeing the campaign, nearly 9 in 10 frequent flyers said the advertising captured their attention.
  • The campaign created a +13% increase in positive perceptions on easyJet as a brand that is 'future facing'. 
  • It was also found to convey easyJet as a brand that is improving (+10%) and that Gatwick airport was convenient
  • + 53 %

    flights taken

  • + 40 %

    booked flights

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