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1. Objective

This campaign was created in response to the Coronavirus crisis that hit the UK in February 2020. The campaign launched on the 6th March and is set to run until the 19th April.

The objective of the campaign was to change the behaviour of the population to reduce the spread of the virus by raising awareness of Coronavirus across the country and educating the UK population. 

The campaign messaging focuses on the following areas:

  • Encouraging hand washing.
  • Highlighting the symptoms of the virus. 
  • Explaining necessary actions and guidelines.
  • Communicating government advice clearly using DOOH to update key guidelines as they change.

2. Strategy

As the virus evolves the campaign strategy changes to serve the government’s strategies to contain the virus. Until now the campaign strategy has been evolved in two phases:

Phase 1 – Contain:

  • During this first phase there had been no enforced restrictions and the key message focused on hand washing. With no movement restriction in place, the DOOH focused on areas of high density and commuter hubs including airport arrivals and departures.  
  • D6s on London Underground, Rail, Bus Stops and city centres were key.

Phase 2 – Delay:

  • Phase two introduced isolation messaging instructing society to ‘Isolate your Household’. The focus remained in city centres and transport hubs, but with stricter movement it specifically concentrated on local areas like supermarkets as people were increasingly beginning to work from home and stay local.
  • This phase is now entirely localised with the ‘Stay Home Save Lives’ message. Minimal rail and LU sites have been selected to target key workers. City centres sites have been reduced and new sites have been introduced in proximity to supermarkets, petrol stations, D6s within post offices and local ATMs

The campaign looks to continue for many weeks and we expect community action and social distancing messaging to follow. 

3. Results

The campaign’s reach and strong messaging has successfully captured the attention of the nation both on the streets and across social media.

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