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Channel 4
Paralympics 2016

Multiple Formats

1. Objective

  • To reignite the UK’s love of the Games and get people tuning back in. 
  • Use media to drive positive perceptions towards disability.

2. Strategy

  • To turn the dictionary definition of disability on its head and showcase some of the incredible abilities of disabled people.
  • Create Channel 4's most accessible and unique advertising campaign ever. 

3. Execution

  • We delivered one of the broadcasters most individual and ground-breaking campaigns ever. 
  • We hand selected 54 bus shelter 6-sheets and transformed them into audio enabled posters. 
  • The campaign also shared live medal updates across 2,660 iBus timetable screens, 1200 Underground DMI screens and ESUB Boards, as well as making live announcements at Underground ticket halls. 
  • It also featured on traditional formats such as 48-sheet and a variety of digital screens.

4. Results

  • Paralympics coverage was watched by 27.2m people – almost half of the UK viewing population.
  • By the opening ceremony nearly two thirds of the population had recalled seeing the campaign.
  • Half said that it made them feel more positive towards disabled people and 81% that it improved society’s perceptions of disabled people.

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