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Channel 4

Multiple Formats

1. Objective

  • Make the show a success by feeling like a thriller, not a game show.

2. Strategy

  • We created a first-of-its-kind strategy – bringing the concept of the show to life and ‘hunting’ our audience through media channels, putting people in the shoes of ‘the hunted’ and illustrating the extremity of the task they were facing.
  • To make our audience notice the campaign it needed to:
    • Reach people in spaces that felt personal to them
    • Have presence in places that are part of people’s everyday lives
    • Add intrigue and bring to life the challenge of the show
    • Drive frequency across touch points to show regularly people are visible

3. Execution

  • To create a sense of bombardment, we ran a high frequency campaign across multiple OOH environments in London, embracing:
    • Large format digital
    • Phone kiosks
    • Tube and train card panels
    • Petrol forecourt screens
    • ATM ads
    • Taxis
    • Washroom panels
    • Bar formats
    • Floor vinyls at major train stations

4. Results

  • The campaign truly cut-through and resonated with Londoners:
    • 96% found it informative
    • 90% learned something new
    • 85% found it personally relevant
  • Having seen Outside 2.0, Londoners were 9 times more likely to download the app.
  • Usage of the Google Search App increased by 9% and the number of regular users of the app grew by 3%.

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