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If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars


1. Objective

With 80 million Easter eggs bought in the UK every year, we needed an opportunity to capture the attention of beer and chocolate fans alike. 

2. Strategy

  • We wanted to create an experience with a big reveal to excite Londoners and tap into the Easter period.
  • Following the brand's string of 'If Carlsberg did...' campaigns we made the impossible possible - a bar made out of chocolate. 

3. Execution

  • People were able to experience the fully functioning bar made entirely of chocolate and pour Carlsberg into branded chocolate cups. 
  • We amplified the experience across social channels, and created hero content targeted towards our millennial male audience. 
  • We also used Twitter to drive curiosity prior to the reveal, and geo-targeted pedestrians to lure them to the big reveal.

4. Results

  • The experience stretched across the Easter long weekend in East London, and generated unprecedented PR exposure. 
  • Over 700 people visited the bar. 
  • It gained 7.4 million impressions on social media. 
  • Due to the activity, during this period Carlsberg had the greatest social SOV vs major competitors across the Easter period, in turn spiking on trade and off trade sales for the quarter. 

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