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1. Objective

Given the emotional toll of the past year due to Covid19 and with loved ones eager to return, we wanted to greet them as they landed on Irish soil with the tradition and sense of comfort of home that only a brand like Brennan’s can offer. For many, their first-time home in over two years.

2. Strategy

• First point of protocol was to figure out where we target. Dublin Airport was made the most sense as in 2021 it accounted for 87.6% of all flights in quarter 3 of the year.

• Next step was to choose when the campaign would go live. We chose December 13th right up until the New Year so as to capitalise on the Christmas period and December 19th and 23rd were set to be the busiest days during the Christmas season.

• In terms of creative, we knew that Brennan’s logo and brand identity invoked a positive emotional experience therefore, we didn’t want to stray too far afield. The famous yellow and red colouring was perfect to capture the attention of travellers.

• Lastly, given we Irish are known for our way with words, the quintessential messages felt like the final piece of the puzzle to motivate consumers to act.

Airport 098

3. Execution

• The “Welcome Home” campaign ran from December 13th to the New Year.

• It featured on formats such as Aerpods, Airport arrivals corridor, digital Skybridge and formats within the baggage reclaim area.

• The creative served to generate feelings of nostalgia and in turn, create awareness of Brennan’s Bread from the moment travellers stepped off the plane to see the welcoming yellow glow in a full out-of-home takeover.

• We extended the warm welcome home to social where we also ran a competition to win a Christmas Welcome Home Box, by asking users to comment on which of their loved ones deserved it the most.

• This campaign was planned and bought by Posterplan.

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