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A Perfect Planet


With humanity being the Earth’s biggest threat to date, BBC’s A Perfect Planet highlights just how perfect our world is, whilst delivering a stark warning about its future.

Alongside a national awareness campaign, the BBC wanted to create a standout special build that conveyed the impact humans are having on the planet. In line with the shows’ sentiment, the campaign needed to shock audiences in order to highlight what’s happening to our planet.

We wanted to create a moment that would live on from the finale of the show. So, we hijacked our own billboard, ripping it halfway through our incharge, with the rip revealing a devastating image of a forest fire.

This element integrated a smoke machine and LED lighting to create a ‘smoke illusion.’ To ensure the entire campaign was true to its intent, everything on the billboard was 100% recyclable, utilising eco-friendly, non-toxic inks for all the printing and eco-friendly water-based liquid for the smoke.

Et Na Ntywqaauh If


  • 2.4 million views of the stunt on BBC iPlayer’s Twitter
  • The show itself received rave reviews, with 9.1/10 on IMDB and a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

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