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Axa Insurance



To raise awareness around Axa’s dedication to the environment as a carbon-neutral Insurance company.

To encourage consumers to “Make a change that matters” by choosing carbon neutral car Insurance.


To maximise audience visibility, the roadside campaign was launched in late August to coincide with the Back-to-School term and the increase in vehicular journeys.

Standout creative executions were needed in high footfall locations to ensure we captured the attention of passers-by.

Axa Revised 6Th


To ensure this campaign was both effective and innovative, we planned a multi-format roadside campaign that included two installations at key locations in Dublin and Belfast City Centre.

Six living native trees were attached and hung from the top of the installations, taking over half the space on the 48 sheet billboards.

The trees were suspended on the billboards for over three weeks, showcasing the creative nature of OOH and its ability to deliver unique, tailored messaging to target audiences.

202119 Axa Make A Change That Mattes 48 3 D Special 1 2 A

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