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Plexus - The Smarter Global OOH Network

Plexus was created in response to the changing OOH landscape affecting cities, populations and digital environments.

At Talon we understand how crucially important it is to continuously evolve our approach in an ever-evolving OOH landscape. As one of the most nuanced mediums to plan and buy, it requires creativity, agility and genuine expertise and it's our ambition to make global OOH smarter as standard.

Plexus is the name for our global network of Talon and partner offices, operating across 20 offices and reaching 75 markets.

Founded on the principles of speed, simplicity and trust, it encompasses our International team who manage International planning and buying for our clients, including all environments and with further specialisation in airports and the connected traveller, served by our Latitude offering.

Latitude - Engaging the connected traveller

Latitude, is a dedicated resource for engaging the connected traveller and embedded within the Plexus team.

The team works with clients to provide better solutions for reaching people as they move across the globe and challenge the use of conventional airport media in one of OOH’s most exciting spaces.