05/03/2013 - News

Yvonne Scullion appointment

Former Kinetic Commercial Director is Latest Talon Recruit

Yvonne Scullion Joins Agency as Managing Partner

Talon announced today 5th March 2012 that the next senior manager to join the company will be Yvonne Scullion. The former Client Commercial Director will be taking on the role of Managing Partner with responsibility for Commercial and is set to be in place later this spring.

Prior to her role at Kinetic, Scullion worked at CBS Outdoor, Interpublic and Zenith Media; with her recent career having focussed on helping companies optimise their commercial potential in the OOH market.

Scullion said ‘I am incredibly excited to be joining Talon as they have proved, so quickly, that they intend to shake up the OOH world. The senior team is very heavy-hitting and has the clout, vision and drive to deliver. I am looking forward enormously to the contribution I can make to the agency’s growth and success.’

Talon’s CEO, Eric Newnham, said ‘Hiring Yvonne was a very easy decision; her experience and approach is a perfect fit with ours. I am excited that we no longer are talking about what Talon could be but about what the agency now is – independent, integrated and forward thinking. Our clients and media partners totally share our ambitions, testament to this is the amount of new business that we are doing. Having Yvonne at such a senior level in the agency only strengthens this proposition further. ’