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13/01/2020 - News

Talon sinks its teeth into a spook-tacular special build for Dracula

Since 1897, Bram Stoker's Dracula has remained an immortalised character in popular culture. With countless movies, TV shows and theatre productions featuring the gruesome figure, the stakes for the BBC's newest show were high. We needed to create an out-of-home special-build that would frighten the UK with the bloody legend's arrival.

Rendered powerless by daylight, the Count is bound to the shadows - a characteristic that we were asked to make the focus of the build. Drawing inspiration from artwork created by shadows, the campaign creative focused on the shadowy silhouette of Dracula himself. Using a spotlight and strategically placed 3D stakes, the testing process was rigorous.

Alongside our production partner, we worked hard to ensure that the final build would have the best and most accurate shadow possible. True to the daylight-detesting nature of Dracula, the shadowy silhouette was only fully revealed at night - leaving a series of ominous bloody stakes during the day.

In addition to the poster itself, the team installed an "In Case of Vampires Break Glass" box which helped to add some all-important theatre.

Working closely with media owners, we created two of these special builds in elevated sites in Birmingham and London, where we would achieve the greatest impact and visibility.

Since unveiling the campaign on 30th December, the reception has been nothing short of incredible! In a little over a week, the time-lapsed video of the poster (from day to night) has been viewed over 7 million times on social media. Over 40 articles and content pieces have also appeared online, sparking a huge level of interest across the industry.