12/11/2015 - News

Talon leadership conference

Talon conference launches Effectiveness Study and Programmatic Insights to over 200 client, agency and media owner attendees

Talon held its inaugural conference event this week under the Talon Leadership banner, addressing the critical issues facing the Out of Home community and earmarking developments Talon are making across Creativity, Effectiveness and Programmatic OOH.

The session included the exclusive launch of proprietary research commissioned by Talon and seven industry media owners* conducted by BrandScience. They conducted a data analysis of 200 ad campaigns in order to investigate how Out of Home works and contributes to profitability and the role digital OOH can play in the media mix.

The study found that OOH is not being side-lined by broader digital media in terms of return on investment contribution. Extending your investment in OOH does pay back, whilst Digital OOH can drive additional ROI. Category analysis also found that too low an ad spend in OOH can be wasteful and that lower OOH spend tactical campaigns can be very effective at boosting total comms RROI.

RROI for other media channels generally improves when OOH is included in the media mix, whilst firm evidence exists to suggest that dropping OOH leads to a lower return over time.

The conference also touched on how Talon and our partners are now delivering programmatic OOH campaigns and demonstrated the process in delivering smart placements in OOH, embracing technology, data, real time media planning insights, buying efficiency and measurement.

Some conclusions on the role of programmatic OOH from our presentation and panel session include how the integration of tools, tech and teams is absolutely vital for the future of programmatic OOH. “We're at the start of the journey with no view of the finish with Programmatic” (Eric Newnham, Talon) and “programmatic should not leave classic OOH behind. The traditional form will be around for a very long time"(Eric Newnham).

“Programmatic OOH should be good planning and buying, but done at speed" (Aidan Neill, Bitposter) and "OOH has a great opportunity to develop programmatic in an entirely different way…with enormous strides already taken" (Aidan Neill).

“We’ve already come a great way with the dynamic delivery of creative…and now need to move away from a single message to a system of creative-delivered flexibility" (Neil Morris, Grand Visual).

“We shouldn’t be scared of more efficient and smaller campaign budgets. If it works advertisers will come back and spend more. But be careful not to compare the programmatic online model with how programmatic OOH could develop" (Alan Brydon, Outsmart).

Talon also addressed the creative challenges and opportunities posed by the use of data, content and contextual messaging and how we can drive content and opportunities to drive more consistent communication.

In conclusion, Talon confirmed its Smarter as Standard positioning and outlined a programme of continuing to push initiatives around effectiveness, creativity, programmatic, technology, though-leadership and collaboration.

*Research co-funded with Talon by JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Exterion, Primesight, Ocean Outdoor, Forrest Media and Outdoor Plus.