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19/08/2020 - News

Nielsen joins forces with Talon Outdoor to deliver data-driven Out of Home advertising campaigns

Nielsen today announces an integration with Talon Outdoor to enhance marketers targeting of online and offline out-of-home advertising campaigns, within their solution Nielsen Marketing Cloud. Combining their Nielsen Marketing Cloud solution with Talon Outdoors Ada platform.

Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s data currently supplies the programmatic ecosystem with premium owned and operated audience data and unprecedented insight into consumer behaviour, preference, purchasing decisions and habits that are targetable, across a number of different online and offline marketing channels including display, video, native, audio, connected TV and now out-of-home. It is a marketing solution created to help brands, media companies, marketing agencies, and advertising firms to get more in touch with their customers by integrating Nielsen’s top class analytics, marketing activation, data, media planning, and data management capabilities into a single, unified cloud-based platform.

Talon is a significant player in out-of-home media with a focus on delivering smarter, creative, technology-led and integrated communications. Through their propriety data management platform, Ada, Talon pushes the boundaries of data-driven out-of-home audience targeting and campaign measurement, enabling advertisers to create more effective campaigns. Ada manages and activates billions of audience and location data points to create new intelligence about people’s real and recent behaviours, such as how they travel, the out-of-home advertising inventory they see, and the actions they take after exposure to brand messages. Talon's technology Ada has taken OOH planning and targeting to the next level, enabling brands to reach their audience more effectively.

Talon and Nielsen capabilities allow companies operating an omnichannel strategy to understand their audiences better and perform superior analysis of their ROI, create effective and relevant branding messaging, and devise and implement fully optimised marketing campaigns and promotions across a full omnichannel strategy.

Maureen Stapleton, International Commercial Leader, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, said: “Brands are constantly competing for the attention of consumers, meaning that audience data and insight is now a significant part of any marketing strategy to target the right consumers, and how to do it effectively. Our new collaboration with Talon Outdoor is a crucial step in bringing the power of Nielsen’s online audience segmentation to other marketing channels, and we are looking forward to seeing the plethora of Nielsen's gold standard digital audiences become addressable in out-of-home media through Talon Outdoor Ada.”

Sophie Pemberton, Group Strategy Director at Talon Outdoor, said: “This collaboration is strategically important for Talon Outdoor. By working with Nielsen and their world class data and insight we are able to enhance advertising campaigns so that they are more effective, informative and engaging. It also enables us to continuously improve the Ada platform and leverage deeper insights for more out-of-home campaigns.”