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20/05/2021 - News

NEW STUDY: Why OOH is the Prescription for Modern Health Care Marketing

Seemingly overnight, the healthcare ecosystem and the consumers it serves transformed to meet new challenges. Many hospitals, health systems, and practices swiftly increased and expanded technology into new areas – most notably to conduct virtual health services for patients and to reinvent the concept of urgent care. And consumer adoption of these new care options is soaring.

As the healthcare industry continues to roll out accessible, convenient, and tech-forward offerings, brands are focused on capturing consumer attention, growing their customer base, and strengthening their market position. In our newly released “OOH Advertising is a Powerful Driver of Healthcare Brand and Business Success” study, Talon America partnered with LoopMe, the outcomes-based advertising platform, to find out more about U.S. consumers’ healthcare choices, how they learn about new offerings, and how they stay informed on COVID-19.

Among the key findings:

Telehealth Services: The Virtual Doctor Is In & On the Rise

Telehealth has become increasingly popular and essential this past year, providing consumers with the care they need while limiting their exposure to COVID-19. OOH advertising is an unparalleled vehicle for raising awareness of new offerings like telehealth by reaching target audiences – in this case, patients who are increasingly interested in attaining vital health care services through videoconferencing, remote monitoring, and digital consults.

  • Of the respondents that have used a telehealth service, nearly 60% had a virtual visit with a health care provider 1-2 times in the past year
  • And 40% used the service 3 or more times


Care Centers: The Future of Accessible Healthcare

Beyond the traditional health setting of a doctor’s office or an ER, consumer interest in the on-demand, affordable, and quality care of urgent care centers and retail health clinics has been growing rapidly. OOH’s distinct advantage is its power of proximity to care centers and clinic locations, as well as its ability to deliver hyper-localized and contextual content.

  • 1 out of every 4 respondents have visited an urgent care center or clinic in the past year
  • Of those respondents, 82% visited an urgent care center or clinic 1-2 times


PSAs Keep Communities Informed During Pandemic

Consumers are turning to the news, government resources, and PSAs first for the most reliable and timely information to stay safe and informed on health. During the pandemic, the OOH industry stepped up like no other channel could to deliver unified public-health PSA messaging, supporting public-information goals set by health professionals.

66% of respondents are looking to the news, government resources, and PSAs for information on COVID-19 and other healthcare updates, while just 15% are consulting their doctor or pharmacist


OOH Amplifies COVID-19 Messaging Effectiveness

Because of its sheer scale, OOH is a major driver of brand awareness and conversations. When paired with other media channels, such as social and online, consumers are all the more receptive to advertising about COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, which builds on early pandemic messaging to prevent the spread of the virus and plasma donations.

  • 43% of respondents found the combination of OOH, social, and online ads to be an effective way to be kept informed on COVID-19 testing and vaccination news


Uniting OOH & Digital Strategies Delivers Brand Trust

Brand trust is becoming increasingly fragile in our digital age. But by integrating OOH – the most brand-safe marketing channel – with social and online, consumers’ expectation that a new brand or offering is credible grows.

  • 45% of respondents trust healthcare brand messaging when distributed through a combination of OOH, social, and online ads

As healthcare businesses evaluate the right media mix to build their brand and attract and reach new customers, our study demonstrates how many are turning to OOH as the medium is taking on a 'new potency' with consumers headed outside. OOH also optimizes marketers’ social and online media investments by combining the best of its physical world presence with the rich targeting and measurement capabilities of digital media. Partnering with an OOH specialist, such as Talon America, is fundamental to building the right campaign strategy, developing captivating creative, and harnessing data-driven insights to reach an engaged on-the-go audience, and achieving measurable campaign success.

To view additional insights from the survey, download the OOH Healthcare Research Study.

METHODOLOGY: A five-question online survey was conducted in March 2021 with a goal to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on U.S. consumers’ mindsets of the evolving healthcare sector. The survey resulted in 1,300+ responses, all of which came from adults 21 years of age or older.