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27/01/2022 - Views

Kelsey Hand: A month with Talon Ireland

Taking on Interns is an integral part of our business, they tend to challenge the way "we've always done things", while also bringing fresh, new ideas to the company. We also love being able to provide students with real-life experiences and introduce them to the OOH industry.

After spending a month with the team, we asked Kelsey to write up about her experience at Talon Ireland.


I’m a final year advertising and marketing communications student in TUD. I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with Talon Ireland for the month of January 2022. The Out of Home industry has always been a great interest of mine throughout my studies and with Talon being one of Ireland’s leading Out of Home specialists I was thrilled to be taken on board.

As the world of OOH continues to evolve, Talon has portrayed the excitement and opportunities that come with working in the industry. At the beginning of the month, I learned about Talon Ireland’s background, why they use OOH as well as their media partners. I also learned about the different roles and what they involve such as Marketing Management, PR, Dynamic, Creative Solutions, Operations, Research and Insights, Branding and many more. Learning about these roles was a great way to get a feel for what’s involved. Throughout this process, I have met so many extraordinary people while also seeing some of their amazing work.

Throughout the month I got to work on projects and learned many new skills which will be of great benefit to me in the working world. I worked on mapping projects in which I learned about the tools used to place campaigns to best target consumers. I worked on competitive reviews which was a great insight into the many client's Talon Ireland works with. I participated in brainstorming meetings for upcoming campaigns in which conveyed just how innovative OOH can be. I got to delve into some Social Media research which was a great way to explore brands and industries. I got to participate in a ‘Thankfulness Tonic’ mindfulness session with the lovely Helena Dilleen. This was organised for Blue Monday and was such a nice start to our working week.

Working with Talon Ireland has helped me massively in developing my skills and boosting my confidence within the industry. I’m so grateful to have been able to experience life in such an admirable company.

Thank you Talon Ireland!