07/12/2017 - Blogs

Interning at Talon

Before coming to Talon, I had a very simple concept of outdoor advertising. I had never fully realised the scale on which the company operates, or how either complex or well-worked it was. Coming in as an intern for a week for my work experience really elevated my understanding of both the company and the industry (Out Of Home advertising) in a way I had never previously thought.

I spent some time with the finance team - Iain, Frank, Keely, Tom and Dan who were very professional and comprehensive in teaching me the ropes of how the team worked. I have always had an interest in finance/economics - one of the few subjects that I enjoy at school, so I knew I would enjoy it, and I certainly did. As soon as I understood how well such a complex system worked, with a little help from the team, I could genuinely feel accomplishment knowing that Talon trusted me with my tasks. Also, the atmosphere and courtesy of the company was outstanding and it was a very welcomed changed to be treated as an adult- something you don’t always get at school.

Also I worked hard on certain projects involving data and insight which was also very rewarding to complete and really helped develop my work skills which was what the week was about so keep it up!

Talon also gave me an opportunity to go out and experience the more practical side of their business at the abandoned Aldwych Underground Station hosted by Exterion Media. I found it very informative and embracing, as well as showing Talon’s great way of working with both its staff and its clients. All of this was definitely worthwhile and I would fully recommend being an intern at such a good company to anyone.

By Johnny Mawditt, aged 15.