02/04/2015 - News

24% rise in on-the-move Easter Bank Holiday Audiences

Talon delivers audience movement trends with real-time data 

Talon has delved into Amscreen’s OptimEyes insight to deliver new audience movement insights applicable across Out of Home media

Bank Holiday audiences on the move rise by an average of 19%, with Easter leading the way, likely to bring a 24% increase in mobility this Thursday alone. Talon has undertaken a thorough analysis of Amscreen’s OptimEyes data, which helps quantify audience uplifts around key seasonal events, including Bank Holidays, sporting events and festivals.

The data is being used in Out of Home planning to identify times when larger and specific audiences can be reached across OOH media, and fits alongside Talon’s Orchestra suite of planning tools, fuelled by various complementary data sources including Route, TGI and other market intelligence.

The latest analysis specifically highlights audience uplifts around seasonal holidays, location-specific events and periods where Out of Home audiences rise significantly.

  • Significant audience uplifts can be found towards the end of the week; Thursdays and Fridays show +6% and +14% uplift compared to the average daily interactions.
  • Bank Holiday get-away days generate an overall increase in screen interactions of +19% vs the daily average, with Easter leading the way at +24%. Audience movements are sustained across the weekend.
  • The Summer is a great time to reach audiences Out of Home; audiences are 6% higher during the school holidays, with city centre pedestrian audiences even higher.

In targeting specific events, including sporting events and music festivals, the data also identifies a considerable impact around people movements in proximity to those events.

Nick Mawditt, Talon’s Director of Insight and Marketing states “The role of proprietary data is becoming more important in complementing existing media measurement outputs and we’re seeing this play out increasingly in our Out of Home planning. Amscreen’s OptimEyes data is offering us very consistent, specific, hour by hour and location based audience insights from which we’ve been able to derive some great findings around targeting people on the move and to extract real value.”

Mike Hemmings, Amscreen’s Marketing Director adds, “OptimEyes was created to deliver more accurate and transparent insight for advertisers and these packs bring this to life with real-time location specific insight – add this to the fact that advertisers also only pay for their chosen audience and it makes for some highly efficient targeting.”

Talon and Amscreen will be applying the data to advise clients of the value of incremental audiences across the whole of Out of Home around key seasonal moments. Both companies have developed a number of packs around locations, specific events, festivals and even occasions like pay-day, proven to swell numbers who are out of home in a purchase-led or active mindset.