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Insight Offering


Brand impact

Talon Insight work closely with clients to understand the aim of their OOH campaign and offer campaign effectiveness which can measure brand metrics, audience and campaign. All are conducted via an online quantitative survey, both pre and post campaign to test impacts in certain regions/specific impact of digital vs static. 

Passive measurements

In addition to measuring key brand metrics we work closely with third party research agencies to measure visits and sales. This is done via geo-location data allowing us to measure footfall store effect, EPOS sales data and use Hitwise to conduct online traffic analysis. 

Talon Benchmarks

With data from over 60 client research projects, we have formulated a set of benchmarks for metrics across the brand funnel. Not only does this allow clients to see how their campaign has performed versus the average but has also helped us to identify the best formats at driving key performance metrics.