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OOH reach

Broad reach still triumphs tight targeting. 

IPA research demonstrates that campaigns that use OOH are +20% more likely to report very large business effects.

61% average call to action rate when exposed to OOH

OOH boosts business effects

IPA analysis shows that when OOH is used in conjunction with other media an increase is seen on very large business effects, such as: Market Share.

When used in conjunction with TV or Radio a +17% increase on very large business effects was seen by brands. 

Premium OOH

Driving fame and justifying premium digital - impact fame and emotional intensity

  • +43% increase in neuroscience-measured emotional intensity and +20% increase in memory encoding
  • Priming and +36% congruence effect to other digital media (vs TV) 
  • +17% stronger association with Iconic Fame factor and +12% for powerful and premium

4th Space

As a result of a fragmented media landscape and the recent revolution of social video, Talon embarked on a research project to understand the impact of a client placing their social creative on full motion digital out of home (FMDOOH). 

Using location data provided by our research partner On Device, we were able to look at the brand impact of those exposed to social only, OOH only or those exposed to both. From the final group, we found that by adding FMDOOH to a social schedule, there is a +23% increase in metrics across the brand funnel.

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