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Talon Canvas

  • Eye tracking
  • Real people
  • 5 second exposure to creative; what do you see and for how long? 
  • Multiple or single creative 
  • Static or digital OOH
  • Additional questions
  • Benchmarks for each metric

Creative insight examples

After conducting 250+ tests, we have set benchmarks and a library of creative insights to share with our clients:

  1. Simplicity is key
  2. Smooth creative flow
  3. Logos need TLC
  4. Animation increases engagement

Face analysis

From our creative benchmarks, we have also been able to analyse the performance of each element. In terms of Imagery, the data indicates that faces receive the highest fixation rates:

Static Face Imagery
Compared to Talon Benchmarks, creatives with face imagery enjoy +16% higher rates of fixation, and +20% longer engagement periods.
Faces seem to perform better when they are closer in view, and central in the creative. 

Animated Face Imagery
Animated faces find attention levels which are +21% higher than Talon Benchmarks. They also enjoy +6% longer engagement times.
There is a +100% increase in engagement to animated faces than static ones.

Fun fact: Celebrity faces enjoy +47% higher engagement rates to non-celebrity.