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Vaping industry


Current market

  • So far in 2019 OOH accounts for 98% of media spend amongst the top four players of the vaping industry
  • The UK vaping industry is dominated by these top players, meaning there is still scope for it to be disrupted - total OOH spend in Q1 £3.8m. 
  • Massive potential for vaping audiences - around a third of smokers still haven't tried e-cigarettes, meaning the industry is open to new users. 
  • Controversial nature of vaping - 65% of vapers' agree that it has become fashionable, which has been an advantage to some vaping brands. 
  • Replicating the US market may not work for the UK

Vaping audience

  • 56% male
  • C2DE
  • 25-44
  • 3 in 4 are full time vapers
  • 1 in 2 vapers also smoke cigarettes