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Music Festivals


Music Festivals

There are a wide variety of music festivals scheduled to go ahead in 2021 across the UK; attracting a broad age range.

  • A broad age range attended a music festival in 2019 – 49% Gen Z, 43% Millennials & 19% Gen X
  • 4.9 million people attended a music festival in the UK in 2018
  • £2.6Bn is the estimated value of the UK festival/concert market
  • 57% of festival-goers would prioritise a festival over a European holiday  

Ada Audience Insight

Ada offers bespoke and unique audience insight into real travel behaviours. The data can be used to hyper-focus campaigns to identify the locations that are seen more frequently when people return back to the real world. Furthermore, Ada will allow us to identify audiences where they will be the most effective and have the greatest impact.