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Father's Day



This year, Father’s Day takes place on 21/06.

  • 64% of shoppers typically plan in advance what they’re going to buy for Father’s Day.

  • 51% of shoppers look for inspiration for things to do and buy for the event in a supermarket.

  • 40% of Brits planned to spend more in 2019.

  • 71% of Brits consider the day to be one spent with family.

  • 44% of Brits planned to eat out and 16% planned to eat a home cooked meal on the Day in 2019. 

  • £ 834 M

    Predicted spend on gifts

  • 53 %

    Shoppers celebrated in 2019

  • 33 %

    Will buy a gift at a mall or high street


Please speak to Talon regarding opportunities in OOH around this event.