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Father's Day



  • Father’s Day is on Sunday 16th June 2019. It is a celebration of fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. 
  • 40% of UK consumers plan to buy retail goods and the market is worth approx. £700m. 
  • Cards, food & drink and clothing prove popular gifts. 21% of shoppers intend to buy clothing making it the third most popular purchase. 
  • 28% of people will travel to go and visit their family on the day. 
  • Father’s Day is seen as a must not miss family occasion with mobile audience visiting relatives or out socialising.


  • A highly mobile audience on Father’s Day itself; more activity-oriented than Mother’s Day, therefore a wider scope of opportunities. 
  • Ideal opportunity to promote last minute gifting/entertainment. 
  • A great platform for FMCG brands to push a short-term message with smaller budgets. 
  • 33% will purchase their gift in a shopping mall or the high street and over a half at the supermarket (Clear Channel) 
  • Commuters spend a third more than the average adult on Father’s Day gifts. 
  • Digital OOH enables clients to get a relevant, contextual message out to a large audience.


Please speak to Talon regarding opportunities around this event.