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Christmas 2019


Top Christmas Myths

  1. Everyone buys Christmas presents online
  2. TV is the only way to reach 16-34's 
  3. TV is the only way to launch a Christmas ad
  4. The majority of Christmas spend takes place in December
  5. It's difficult to stand out at Christmas

Download the full pdf to find out what makes these myths and how to combat them. 

Creative opportunities


Key dates in Q4

  • Golden Week: 1st - 7th October
  • Winter Wonderland: November - January
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales: 29th November/2nd December
  • Christmas party season: F2 December
  • Travel Getaway: F2 December
  • Last shopping weekend: 21st/22nd December
  • Christmas and Boxing Day sales: 25th/26th December
  • New Year's Eve: 31st December

Key stats

  • Average spend on gifts: £339
  • 49% buy presents for non family members
  • 41% of gift buyers opted to buy clothing