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  • The UK is officially set to leave the EU on 31st October - delayed from the 29th March.
  • MP’s are due to vote in the Commons mid-January on the proposals reached with the EU on the Brexit withdrawal agreement.
  • This is a moment in British history that will receive widespread media attention on an international scale. 
  •  Due to the controversial and divisive nature of Brexit there is ample fodder for brand association messages across a range of categories and opportunities. 
  • Votes of confidence or General Elections will have their own effects on our trust in institutions and economic outlook.
  • Brands will have to be agile and flexible to navigate changes in Government, policy and consumer trust.


  • More people than ever are now interested and engaged with politics – making it more attractive for brands to tap into topical political issues. 
  • The political climate has been eventful and unpredictable.  
  • Digital OOH offers the flexibility for clients to react quickly with frequent copy changes and to get relevant, contextual messages out to a large audiences.  
  • Perfect opportunity to run in line with social media content / live feeds and to react to news in real time.
  • Full motion DOOH has opened up a fully complementary 4th space for brands looking to use video advertising to connect with consumers (+23% brand effectiveness when FMDOOH was added to a social plan).


Please speak to Talon regarding opportunities in OOH around this event.