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Back to school



  • Most children in the UK will return to school the week beginning Monday 2nd   September 2019.
  • The market is worth approx. £1billion - making back to school the 3rd biggest spending seasonal event in the UK (after Black Friday and Christmas).
  • Approx. 75% of spend is on uniform, sportswear and sports equipment, 20% on stationary and accessories and 5% on books.
  • This is also a key time for students starting or returning to university later on in the month.
  • The average university student spends over £250 a week with approx. 25% of that on alcohol.
  • Back to school shopping peaks in the last few weeks of the summer holidays with online search peaking around 22nd July. 


  • August footfall in malls is 9% of the annual figure.  This makes it one of the busiest months behind Dec/November - with 36% of mums taking their children to a shopping mall each week.  OOH is the perfect medium to target the family market.
  • 86% of 7-15 year olds snack at least once a day and 52% of these eat a homemade packed lunch at school.  POS is key in the lead up to the new school year.
  • There is a strong urban presence amongst students and very high reach for those city centre formats.
  • The most active categories in terms of advertising during the ‘back to school’ period are Food & Beverage, Retail, & Telecom/Technology.


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